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MSN Cross-Platform Apps
(iOS & Android)

The Bing app was the top performing and most used application on Windows devices. The goal was to connect the dots between the Microsoft products and to showcase Bing's capabilities on multiple platforms (both iOS and Android) via single-sign-on. The core focus was to bring up Microsoft's robust cloud services up to the front, and giving users quick access without having to traverse to different webpages. Delivering the news that mattered, all wrapped in a unified design language that allowed users to access their accounts on whichever device that was in front of them. Rebranding the Windows and Windows Phone apps to MSN helped bring the brand back into relevancy.


MSN News

After the success of the new MSN suite of apps, received a redesign as well. Users wanted news that mattered to them. So customization of news was vital for the "News" vertical. Here, we gave users the affordance to filter which news they want to see based on: news source, topics, and sections. Before the redesign of, Microsoft was seeing their daily page views hover between 130 and 120 million a day. After the redesign there was a visible spike in daily traffic up to 140 million. This was the highest daily page views in 2014. This created a 7.7% increase in daily traffic.


Trending Topics

Through user research we learned that people wanted to see the latest headlines that were trending at the time. "Trending Topics" allowed users to dive deep into these stories that came from multiple sources and gave them a summary of what was going on with the most up-to-date articles.