A farewell to Harry — not "Goodbye."

Where to start... almost two years ago I met this kid through mutual friends. We made small talk like we were freshman: "What's your major?", "What kind of design do you like..?" etc. Through this, we found out that we were both graphic design and had similar interests in graphic design aesthetics. He would randomly Facebook chat me to help translate things in Korean — little did he know that I was the "whitest asian (banana)" in the world; one of four adopted, but that's a separate story. His work ethic, ambition and good taste really made him standout from most other underclassmen I talked to about design. He asked if I could help him with a project and I did so. Here, we collaborated and generated ideas on how to rebrand this iconic ice cream parlor that's in town. His stuff was good for being a sophomore and for being in entry level graphic design classes. 

Harry and I worked closely on side projects and class projects. Teaching him about the importance of type and layout. The first year past and things just started to click in his head. He was beginning to make thoughtful designs that had a strong concept as its backbone. He soon became a little brother figure in my life. Telling him what professors to take, getting him to apply to internships, etc. Through this, I too grew as a person; becoming more humble of a person because he was really blunt with his critiques of what he thought of me. He filled the void of all my friends who graduated the previous year and the ones that dropped out throughout the years. 

We drank together, rode bikes together, had each other's backs and most of all... we talked and designed shit together — it was the best friendship one could ask for. Winter of 2013 he landed an internship in NYC at LEGS Media. Now he's in Hong Kong with an internship at Substance. 

I never really realized how much he impacted me or the surplus of time I spent with him, until he left for the winter. Ten weeks, learning and having a great time experiencing New York City. When he took the Substance internship, I was super bummed because it hit me that I may never see this kid again or for a really long time — since I graduate in the spring. I look back to the first time I met him to now. He's grown from a nonchalant designer to a really great designer. His work has gotten stronger since we've first met. He's a fast learner and he's on fire with his work (even though I completely rip his work apart inperson [don't tell him I said that]) Everyone should keep an eye out on this kid. Harry's passion, technical skill, aesthetic, and love for design surpasses most. He's going to be doing big things in the near future. 

A big farewell to Harry and I hope we cross paths soon! I don't believe in saying "goodbye;" goodbye is something you say to someone that you know for a fact you won't see again. 

Harry Leung portfolio:  http://liangharry.com/ 

Tips if you ever meet Harry: 

  1. Don't ask him about "How do you like China?" when he's been drinking.
  2. He's a big wine-o. 
  3. He thinks everything was invented in China. I.e: Stussy, Path etc. 
  4. His phone is completely useless.
  5. As much as he denies it — he loves Korean everything. Korean drama, Korean food, Korean girls, and drinking like a Korean (four rounds). 
  6. If you want a good laugh ask him to do his Harry Potter impression.
Noah Conk