Current Read: Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century)


"The last explosive change in art education came nearly a century ago, when the German Bauhaus was formed. Today, dramatic changed in the art world — its increasing professionalization, in art-making itself in our post-Duchampian era — combined wis ha revolution in information technology, raise fundamental questions about the education of today's artist. Art School ( Propositions for the 21st Century)  brings together more than thirty leading international artists and art educators  to reconsider the practices of art education in academic, practical, ethical, and philosophical terms. 

The essays in the book range over continents, histories, traditions, experiments, and fantasies of education. Accompanying the essays are conversations with such prominent artist/educators as John Baldessari, Micael Craig-Martin, Hans Haache, and Marina Abramović, as well as questionnaire responses from a dozen important artist — among them Mike Kelley, Ann Hamilton, Guillermo Kuitca, and Shirin Neshat — about their own experiences as students. A fascinating analysis of the architecture of major historical art schools throughout the world looks at the relationship of the principles of their designs to the principles of the pedagogy practiced within their halls. And throughout the volume, attention is paid to new initiatives and proposals about what an art school can and should be in twenty-first century — and what it shouldn't be. No other book on the subject covers more of the questions concerning art education today or offers more insight into the pressures, challenges, risks, and opportunities for artists and art educators in the years ahead. "

From just reading a few essays, I've felt extra knowledge was gained from a new way of thinking, and how the structure of art schools nowadays are out-of-date. It's a very thought provoking book from the first essay. Easy read thus far and very informative; even from the tiny dent that I have put into this tiny book. As a student it's still very much applicable to modern day as one goes to college. It helps you open your eyes to the modern age and what there is to offer for structure and design of classes and how they should progress. Technology the biggest precursor to the next generation of an art school movement in my opinion. The design is going to get more digital as technology progresses and it speaks of that in the very first chapter. I'm not going to really explain this book to much since I feel it's a really good read for art students and professors alike (even those remotely intrigued by the culture of art schools). It's not too expensive either! Go out and purchase this book! It's definitely one to keep in your studio, library, desk ect. I refer back to it a plethora of times to help explain new ideas.  

Noah Conk