The Design Studio — Hub.

The design studio, one of the most creative spaces in the world. Here is where designers, intuitive thinkers, & collaborators exist. It's where open minds and heavy thought processes are had; conceptual ideas and thinkers are a must. It should be open enough for ideas and comfortability, but not too open and comfortable to create too lax of a workspace. Possibly filled with posters, and a bookshelf with books and magazines that help fuel one's imagination and creativity. A must is also to have a cork board or a foam board where one can post design inspiration and post their current work to review their items as a whole. I found that it's easy to look past the details when you're flipping through pages, as opposed to multiple pages pinned up to a board. This way, a person can see the small details such as consistency, unification, ect. Personally, I feel the design studio should be minimalist and simplistic because it makes it feel a bit cleaner and less busy than a packed and "busy" looking office space.

For the at-home design studio I suggest:

Cork Board / Large 8ft foamboards

Bookshelf with books/magazine/ other things that inspire you (which I'll be posting a bunch soon!)

Large work table 


Comfortable chair 

Guest Chairs/seating

Posters (optional)

The less stuff you have, the more open it will feel (less is more). Leaving your mind to wander the open space and be more inviting towards new ideas. Make your studio the "hub" for fellow designers, thinkers like yourself. The studio should be a social thing. Since, designers should be social people (constantly talking to clients and such). Collaboration is key, it's where the best ideas are created. Thriving off of one another's ideas and building on top of the strong foundation of trust and thought. I wish you all the best with your home studio redesigns/building!  Go out there and make a special spot your own. 

Remember-  "The best piece of work is isn't on a wall; it's on the desk" 

my personal studio space.

my personal studio space.

Where the magic happens 

Where the magic happens 

Noah Conk