New identity and new transition.

I felt lost with my old identity; futura typeface in a circle. It was something that took me maybe 2 hours at most to think of that. Haphazardly designing, not really thinking about the concept of one of the most important things a designer could have — their identity. Yes, it seems like it's not a big deal, but i felt like I had a mask over my face. Not really showing who the true "Noah" is as a designer. This new one is in hangul (korean) ; which is my heritage. I really wanted to bring some of my roots into my logo design. It says "Joo Min Kang." This was my original name before I was adopted to the US. I felt this logo pays homage to my culture and how I am grateful for biological mother to put me up for adoption (due to medical needs as an infant). It's to remind me of how far I've come, not only as a designer but as a person in society. The reasoning behind the bright pink: it's bright and loud  but still sort of welcoming (all traits of myself).

This logo is a transition from Noah Conk being a "graphic designer," to now being a designer. I feel graphic designers have become second class citizens to the overall spectrum of design. It's a vague logo that can umbrella a plethora of possibilities. A designer can do anything; a strong conceptual and innovative mind can take on anything outside one's college degree. 

Noah Conk