Radical Rebrand & Wendy's

It was up until recently we actually got to meet the infamous "Wendy" via Wendy's commercial. The face of, yes you've guessed: the Wendy's restaurant. The current logo hasn't been touched since 1983. Branding firm, Tesser got the opportunity to give good ol' Wendy a makeover. They've remade the Colonel into a hardworking cook instead of a salesmen for KFC; they also rebranded for: Chili's, Quiznos, and more! They have a solid portfolio overall. However, they're new makeover for Wendy's seems to be a bit extreme and maybe "too fresh." 

They're goal as an agency was to create a new but familiar look to the Wendy's chain. They felt the old fashioned aesthetic was challenged by more competition by the quality of services. Their project scope included: strategy, retail design, graphic design, packaging, branding. They wanted to reflect that they're still a fresh company that is shared by the same concept of the freshness of their food. They opened up four prototypes.

UltraModern: Columbus, OH
Contemporary: Pittsburg, PA
Urban: Phoenix, AZ
Traditional: Virginia Beach, VA

All four designs have common features that include a fireplace, WiFi, café-style booths and even a new customer flow. Between the four of these  prototypes and according to Tesser's website — sales are through the roof. 

I think the new refresh of the icon looks good but I wish they had kept their old Wendy's type. I'm still not a huge fan of the whole logo or interior aesthetics. But we'll see in 2013 when this logo is suppose to go live. It's definitely better than the arby's rebrand but how much better? You be the judge. 

Look of those sweet ligatures — yes that was sarcastic. 

Look of those sweet ligatures — yes that was sarcastic. 

As stated before, the icon a nice refreshing look to Wendy. However, what the hell is going on with the ligatures in the type. I also don't understand why the apostrophe is a lighter red (I understand they grabbed it from the highlights in her hair). It's borderline unnoticeable but when you catch it — it will bug you (at least for me). The type choice I feel is inappropriate for the iconic fastfood chain.  It just doesn't seem to fit — nor does it fit with their new signage type (Verlag — which is based off of the iconic Futura). Also, I can't seem to stop thinking about the MiracleWhip logotype when I see  this, but maybe I'm just too critical. 


So here's the logo interaction with the new Wendy's building and Verlag type that Wendy's started using.


I feel that the types sort of clash and I wish they could've explored it more (the type). The rigid type of Verlag just doesn't seem to fit with the new bubbly, organic logotype. I standby my point and wish they had kept their iconic logotype (which we know already matches well with Verlag). We'll see soon in 2013 if this is a hopeful future for Wendy's. 

Noah Conk