Café 37 in Savannah, GA


Shrimp Po Boy — found at Cafe 37. This humble restaurant can go unnoticed because it looks like your average house; it also is placed right next to an antique shop (which no one would've guessed).  According to their website, Cafe37 is: "Perfect for a sophisticated lunch, gourmet dinner, or a Sunday brunch." I went their with a friend, being college students, we were clearly the odd men out. We were eating with upper middleclass- upperclass locals of Savannah, GA. You first walk in an its this quaint little place with wooden tables and chairs. A very elegant vibe. 

We were a bit skeptical at first because this place was fairly high priced (especially being on a college budget). I ended up getting the Shrimp Po Boy (which cost $10).  This was a really good Po Boy. It came with a small salad and you had choice of fried or grilled XL Georgia Wild Shrimp or Gulf Oysters...I chose the shrimp. The shrimp was lightly breaded, veined and cooked to perfection — it was flaky and wasn't too much dough. It also had lettuce topped with the classic Remoullad. All of with were in between two layers of really tasteful SourDough. Though, the price is a bit high — it's really worth it. the flavours seemed to work together really well.  Really great service, food and aesthetics. I highly recommend this place! It's one of the few places that I believe I got my money's worth! Come check this place out! 

Noah Conk