Neverland & Savannah

I currently go to school in Savannah, GA. When one first visits they notice the "utopian" society, the beauty, the wonder, and it puts you in fantastical awe that such a place exists. It's also really cheap and affordable for a young adult to pay their bills, put food on the table and also have enough for some skunked all you can drink PBR on thursday. There is incredible talent that currently resides in Savannah; very eclectic, fun, loving and hip.

The main problem with Savannah? It's too perfect for the young adult. It makes due for the freshly graduated.  It's filled with the almost successful, the almost famous, and the possible innovative thinkers. I don't mean to come off bashful about this small city (town), engulfed a lot of possible great talent. Now they've become big inspirations in my life: in where I don't want to end up. I don't want to work a dead-end remedial job in small town Savannah. I urge those, whomever, where ever you are reading this, To start saving your money and spur of the moment move to somewhere you've always dreamed of living. If you have a talent and people take notice — I'm sure other people, from different cities will also take notice. We need to all aspire and eventually grow up. 

"Growing up," a scary word for all mid-twenty year olds who are facing graduation. You don't have to grow up because you move out or graduate. Stay young, but don't be naive. Be smart, share, love, know your surroundings and know the company you keep. If all pans out well, you've successfully maintained who you are and your childhood (I know it was vague). I really urge those people to take risks, as long as it's balance with non-risky behavior. 

Back to Savannah, one never has to grow up and maintain real responsibility. They talk about the aspirations but the moves aren't made due to possible fear (or even funds). Anything is really possible in life — you just need to plan accordingly and have goals. Sometimes we have to stumble a few times before we get to the main goal. Cliché  of a statement I know. We've all got it in us to a better, more desired future. If money is the issue— try to put $20/ week away to move out. This even applies to those who live at home: the home is the same utopian society for sure. Of course all of this is easier said than done, but it's the ambitious ones that will make it. The one's that ultimately reach their goal. The ambitious dreamer can make anything happen.

I felt this song is appropriate to each and everyone's endeavors. Much love.  

Noah Conk